As the Banners and the Bikes are starting to come down its a great time to reflect on the success of the Tour De Yorkshire in Mexborough.

Yes the ITV coverage cut to the adverts as the race passed through the town, they have to show the adverts at some time.  From my perspective at Mexborough Athletic Sports Club, based across from the Police Station on Adwick Road the day will go down in history as a day when the town came together to welcome the Tour and show the organisers and others that Mexborough is a town coming together and looking to the future.

The efforts of our Local DMBC teams and local groups such as the Business Forum and Mexborough Events Committee resulted in a carnival atmosphere along the length of Adwick Road and I presume similar scenes were witnessed on Doncaster Road.

The Stelrad Radiator Bike on the Doncaster / Adwick Road roundabout made it onto the BBC national coverage for the event and demonstrated a commitment from Stelrad to help improve life within the town.  Many will not be aware of the support Stelrad, Constant Security, Mezza Pizza and other local businesses are providing to support local groups such ourselves with donations and sponsorship, without which many of the events could not be run.

The day saw many local groups and businesses providing decorations, bikes, cakes stalls etc all helping to make the day a celebration of what makes this town great.

Having just taken down the marquee we used (thanks to Mexborough Common TARA) for TDY I realised that in 3 weeks I will be putting it back up for Mexborough Music Festival in 3 weeks.  If as a community we can turnout in our thousands for a bike race lets not forget that we have the opportunity to continue the Carnival in the presence of local bands and individual performances.

With wristbands priced at only £5  the town has the opportunity to support 2 local charities including the newly acquired community asset that is Mexborough Youth Club.  The very same Youth Club in which headliner Graham Oliver picked up a guitar back in the day, leading to the formation of 1980’s Rock Legends Saxon, performing as Oliver Dawson Saxon.  Following on from the Music Festival the Youth Club will be running an additional Music Focused Youth Club and who knows what the future may hold for anyone attending these sessions .

I am forever hearing tales of how the Youth Club has in the past preventing people from entering a more negative life style and the Trustees of the Miners Welfare and our partners in Mexborough Comunity Campus are looking to secure similar futures for the young people of this town of 15,500, the 5th largest town in South Yorkshire.